How homebuilders can use inbound marketing | Build Up Ep #8

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Here are the top takeaways from the episode:

Content marketing is a facet of inbound marketing

Content marketing is when you create educational, inspirational, or entertaining content that is relevant to your audience throughout every stage of their buyer journey. Content marketing helps:

  1. Build your reputation in the buyer's mind
  2. Show them you are the expert in your field
  3. Lead them to conclusions that you’d like them to be led to
  4. To provide useful context — sometimes the missing piece between what you want them to do and what they’re currently doing is a little bit of information.

Create content types specific to your audience preference

Content doesn't just mean writing blogs or sending emails to your buyers (though these are still robust options to consider for your content plan). Content marketing is all about delighting your audience, so think about what kind of content they would want from you and how your content can be built for them. Is your audience full of Gen Z'ers? Try making bite-sized video series on TikTok or Instagram.

Think of content marketing as planting an apple tree

It’s very slow, takes a while to grow roots and build up, but then it starts to bear fruit. Some of them will fall off and act as fertilizer to nourish the tree. Content marketing is the same way — it takes a long time to develop (roots), should nurture all parts of your buyer journey to create leads (bearing fruit), including those who have already purchased so they can become referrals to other buyers (fertilizer). 

Don't get trapped in the Valley of Disappointment

Even with a robust, consistent strategy and schedule, inbound marketing takes time to provide results. Instead, focus on how your content strategy impacts your internal team positively. Your sales team can make a greater impact on customers by having branded resources to share. Your customer service team could cut down on time spent searching for answers to questions. As long as everyone is aligned on your team and you set long-term goals rather than short-term for your content strategy, you won't get trapped in the Valley of Disappointment.

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