Making the most of your homebuilder community | Build Up Ep #9

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Here are the top takeaways from the episode:

Networking is key to making the most of your homebuilder community

If you want to get to know your fellow homebuilders, join your local builder's association. Attend informal networking events or educational courses to meet people in the industry and create lasting business relationships. It might feel awkward at first to just approach someone and start talking, but they wouldn't attend networking events if they didn't want to meet people either.

Don't open with a "pitch slap"

No one wants it, it's always surprising, and it's uncomfortable for everyone involved, so don't do it! People want to get to know you, your story, and who you are. Eventually, they'll know who you work for and approach you when they need those services. People are always looking for alternative options in the homebuilder industry, so if you're patient you'll get the call.

Be empathetic and stay curious

Being empathetic, curious, and having the ability to work with others are huge benefits not just in the homebuilder community, but life in general. Homebuilding is a people-driven industry, so if you aren't willing to understand where people come from, their stories, or the issues they're facing, you won't make it far. To understand the industry, you must first understand the people.

Ask what you can do for your community, not what your community can do for you

No one has ever accomplished anything by themselves, so get involved in your community! It takes a lot of education, time, patience, and other people to be successful. Take a volunteer position in your local builders association and see what areas you can help with. Start asking "what can we do for each other" rather than "what can you do for me." The more we can work and succeed together, the more we can do as individuals.

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