ZGM and Calder Bateman: stronger together.

If you’ve been following along at home, you already know that ZGM and Calder Bateman have joined forces. Our talented teams have come together under the ZGM banner. But you might be asking yourself, why? Why would two long standing competitors in the Alberta market hook up?

It's simple: bench strength. The move combined the complementary expertise each company is known for, and created a powerful full-service company across Alberta's marketing, advertising, public relations and digital communications sectors.

For ZGM, we now have industry leading public relations, public affairs and issues management at the table on a day to day basis. This is critical for our clients as we look to leverage budgets and earned media opportunities, while also being able to help navigate challenging issues as they come up.

For Calder Bateman, the move increased access to digital and campaign services. While CB has created some iconic campaigns over their history, ZGM's depth in product and digital development, as well as campaign and media strategy, creates greater bandwidth and opportunities to innovate new solutions.

We'd say it was like combining chocolate and peanut butter, but someone already owns that. So instead, we'll say it's like being able to put McDavid and Giordano out together on the power play (seriously, how awesome would that be?).

This move is a bold commitment to Alberta, creating a strong, integrated agency which can compete nationally from within the province.


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