ZGM named creative agency by Tourism Calgary & Direct Energy

ZGM named creative agency by Tourism Calgary & Direct Energy

After 25-ish years in marketing, I’ve grown up with the now-familiar rhythm of agency life. Pitch. Work. Reflect. Repeat. It’s a frenetic pace that only an agency owner can understand. And, weirdly, love. The excitement of getting to understand new industries and companies, and the fulfillment of solving new challenges for new clients. It’s what gets me out of bed each morning, and sometimes keeps me lying awake at night.

While all new work and new client engagements are exciting, the work I find most fulfilling is working with long-term clients, taking on multiple different challenges where we can help them measurably grow to make a greater mark on the world. The sweet spot is the hard work of defining a brand and then applying that brand to solve business problems, working shoulder-to-shoulder with good people motivated to do good work that works.

I’m proud to announce ZGM was awarded two recent opportunities, both long-term engagements with great companies: an agency of record partnership with Tourism Calgary and an opportunity to take Direct Energy’s newly renovated brand to market in Alberta.

  • Tourism Calgary selected ZGM from a pool of 25 agencies to support the organization’s creative and digital marketing efforts. The partnership comes as Alberta’s population climbs faster than any other province in Canada. Can I add a shameless plug for our successful Alberta is Calling campaign here? No? Ok, cool. Anyway, we are thrilled to work with Tourism Calgary as Calgary continues to build its appeal as a top-tier destination for national, U.S. and overseas tourists. We are equally excited that Paper Leaf | ZGM will be collaborating to build a new web property for Tourism Calgary in the future.
  • We are also partnering with Direct Energy – an electricity and natural gas retail provider in Alberta for two decades. Utilities are a hot topic in Alberta right now (aware and not apologizing for that pun), and we are excited to be working with a customer-centric retailer like Direct Energy who is motivated to help Albertans find the right plan for them. Our scope of work with Direct Energy will be to launch their renovated brand into Alberta, customizing it for Albertans and applying it to product-based campaigns. For this engagement, we are looking forward to cutting through the noise to increase Direct Energy’s profile across Alberta.

We are truly excited to partner with these sophisticated, powerhouse brands for longer-term engagements. That pitch-work-reflect-repeat rhythm at our agency will continue, but it’s nice to take a minute to reflect and be grateful for our clients and our team members who are helping them overcome whatever challenges they are facing. OK, reflection over. Back to work.

Want to chat more? Reach out to Rob Fairhead, ZGM's Partner, at rob.fairhead@zgm.ca.


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