What Are Alberta Marketers Thinking?

February 22, 2019

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Heleena Webber
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Heleena Webber

At the end of 2018 we took our own advice about research, and did a quick survey with 61 Alberta marketers to figure out what they were thinking about the year ahead. From questions about their current state to where they want to be, our goal was to find areas of focus for the year ahead. And here are some highlights...


Marketers stay in the know.

87%* of marketers agree that they keep on top of industry trends and innovations.

And they make data-driven decisions.

81%* of marketers use the data they have to drive decisions.

But change can be hard.

67%* of marketers recognize that making internal change is hard when things aren’t working.

*More than 50% of the time.


Top topics

We asked our network to choose the three topics they would be most interested in learning more about – from building internal marketing teams to calculating ROI.

The top 5 things that marketers want to learn more about are

  1. Purpose-based branding or marketing
  2. Making more informed decisions from consumer research and data
  3. Calculating ROI and other conversions
  4. Ensuring the customer experience is consistent across all touch points
  5. How to attract more leads

We also asked them to name a marketing seminar they would be interested in attending. We had a lot of great responses, with themes around proving ROI, attracting more customers/donors/people (especially in a slow economy), connecting channels, or connecting data and technology. Since we’re big believers in integrated approaches and measuring what matters, a couple of our favourite titles are:

Don’t Say Digital - Marketing to Real People in 2019: How to reach people now, without acting like digital is some new entity we need to start working with. It’s just part of the plan now, not something that’s an afterthought.

Just because we can measure something, does that make it valuable? It would focus on whether we do things simply because we can measure them or whether the measurement itself is truly useful to our organization and goals.


Being an Alberta-based agency, we were also curious to know – are there sophisticated agency partners in Alberta, or do marketers feel the need to look beyond our borders? 

  • 68% said we don’t need to go to larger markets
  • 7% said we do need to go to larger markets
  • 25% said that it depends on the case


Lastly, we asked about favourite campaigns. While people naturally liked different campaigns for different reasons, two were brought up a few times, so we figure they’re worth sharing, (since we think they’re pretty swell too):






Thanks to everyone that took the time to respond. We'll use this to help drive our content throughout the year, so we're writing about things that are relevant to the folks in our market.

Have any thoughts on what you think will be on-trend in 2019? Feel free to share them below!

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