The power of purpose & rebranding considerations with Cantiro | Build Up Ep #3

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Here are the top takeaways from the episode:

Brand purpose isn't just a "marketing thing", it's integral to the whole organization

The power of brand purpose is that it grounds the company. It focuses your energy on business decisions that actually live up to this purpose. Every decision you make, including how you treat your investors, employees, partners, and customers, should live up to that purpose.

Your brand is not a logo

Before you can even think about your logo design, you have to consider what your brand platform is - your purpose, position, values, and messaging. The visual representation is secondary.

Rebranding, or brand strengthening, needs to be an entire company thing

It can't just live with the execs or marketing team, it has to be an all-encompassing initiative in order to be true, meaningful, and impactful. Involving everyone in your company in some way will help them believe in and buy into the brand platform you're creating.

The homebuilder industry is waiting to be branded

Modern consumers want to buy from brands that are trying to make the world a better place. They want to be proud of who they're purchasing from and choose brands that have similar values to theirs. A strong brand purpose is an opportunity to show up for people as they make potentially the biggest purchase of their life (their home).

If you can brand water, you can brand a home

Sure, there are a lot of similar offerings that every home comes standard with now, but every homebuilder has a different story to tell. Your unique offerings and processes are just waiting to be unleashed. Start with the core values of your company and build from there.

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