What homebuilders should know about customer service | Build Up Ep #1

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Here are the top takeaways from the episode:

Customer experience is not just direct interactions between customers and salespeople

You should treat customer experience as another facet of your marketing plan. From your sales centre and sales team, to your branding and advertising, to media buys and out-of-home billboards - it's all part of the customer experience. 

Every single touchpoint adds up (even the little ones)

Every touchstone of your customer experience matters, no matter the size or scale of the interaction. After a day of viewing showhomes, you want your customer to remember you and be excited about what you have to offer - not your competitors.

Be consistent — think like Starbucks

The best part about going into any Starbucks is you know what to expect from the experience. Why should your brand be any different? Your brand values need to shine through in every customer experience, whether your customers are checking out your website or chatting with the sales team in the showhome. You can invest in creating an amazing brand, but it will fall flat if there is a disconnect between all your brand's channels.

Be a brand ambassador, not just a sales associate

You can't treat buying a home as a transactional experience. This is one of the biggest purchases someone will make in their life. There's a deep level of emotion that goes into their decision; they're not just grabbing a coffee on their way to work. Anyone can read about the square footage or the number of bedrooms a home has on your website. It's the excitement and passion your sales team can bring to the table that will really elevate your customer experience and build those lasting relationships.

Millennials and Gen Z are shaking things up

As of 2020/2021, millennials and gen z make up 40% of buyers, whereas baby boomers are now 26% of the market. Unlike previous gens, these two groups are so much more informed with where and how they spend their money. They are willing to spend more money if your brand values align with their personal beliefs.

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