How to turn Likes, Follows and Visits into Leads - Part 3

Posted by Peter Bishop on Apr 22, 2019

Finally, we get to it. Now that we have a view on what to do with leads. How do we turn likes and visits into SALES?

Likes and Follows

Likes and follows aren’t leads. We know this by simply asking the question: of all the people you follow online, how many of their posts do you actually read? Be honest now...

The goal of any like or follow is to turn them into a conversation. Essentially, what do you need to give in order to get someone to connect with you?

One great way to sift through your visitors for potential leads is by asking your followers to engage in something. Try running a contest or giving away something in exchange for an email. Once they are in the database, you know what to do….

Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at 4.20.13 PM

Visits to the Site

What to do with the unwashed masses that come and go to the site? Even though they are looking at product, perhaps introduce a secondary call to action for an email signup OR bring in chat. The notion that you have covered every question users have with your content is probably not true. Chat is a great way to accelerate the nurture side of things.

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It’s important to know it isn’t one-size-fits-all. It depends on the size, company, service, product etc. you don’t have to lead nurture and close on a pair of socks. It’s still important to create a genuine experience and engage through conversation.


There are a lot of tools at our disposal. Too many in fact. So how do you choose the right one?

For the strategies described above, many tools do this. From the simple bootstrap software like Mailchimp to enterprise solutions like Hubspot it’s important to find the right tool for you and the way you want to grow. Spending a few moments with a consultant here is money well spent or going to a trusted friend to ask what they are using.

My favorites are the two listed above. Low-fi and hi-fi.

To Recap

  • Take the pressure off your ads and posts.
  • Use landing pages not your website.
  • Ask for conversations not sales.

It’s only through conversations that we become friends. It’s only by talking we fall in love. Conversations are what separate us and it’s a natural part of selling.

Take a step back from how you are currently selling and ask yourself “Am I Jack or am I Hank?” Are you just passing out business cards or creating a dialogue? We know how to do the right thing - we do it all the time without thinking.

Just find your inner Hank and you’ll be fine.

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